Understanding messaging in Ten5

Understanding messaging in Ten5

Messages are the building blocks of Ten5. All messages are voice messages which allow drivers to communicate hands free.

Message types


The Urgent messages are used for matters such as a flat tire, an accident, or anything else a driver might consider urgent. 


The Complaint messages are used for when a driver has a concern or would like to give feedback to the fleet. Complaint messages can give more visibility into what a driver is unhappy with and dispatchers can give more support to these drivers. 


The Comment messages are used by drivers to communicate anything that wouldn't be either urgent or a complaint. These messages will allow drivers to connect with their dispatchers.


A broadcast can be sent to the entire fleet, one or more groups, or specific drivers. To learn more about broadcasts, check out What is a broadcast?.


An IVEX (Interactive Voice Experience) message is a scheduled, prerecorded message used to connect with drivers throughout their onboarding and their experience on the road. Take a look at this article to learn more: What is IVEX?.

- Only drivers can send an urgent messagecomplaint, or comment
- Only admin and manager accounts can send a broadcast or IVEX.

Sentiment Analysis

When using our app, you'll notice emojis next to voice messages. These emojis are a reflection on the driver's emotion in the message. Is your driver angry? Happy? Disappointed? Sentiment analysis gives you a heads up and assists you while supporting your team.

Here's a table with the possible emojis and their corresponding emotion:


Ready to start supporting your drivers? Learn how to Manage and reply to incoming messages.

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