Creating Manager Accounts

Creating Manager Accounts

As a fleet admin, you'll need to add your managers to the Ten5 app. Once they're in the system, Ten5 will send a welcome email to the manager with a temporary password.

You can add one account at a time, or you can create accounts with a pre-made template which is attached below. If you have many managers, we recommend you use the template to fast-track your fleet set-up.

Create a single manager account

1. Click on the Managers page.
2. In the top right corner, click Add.
3.  Add manager information, such as name, email, address, phone number, and birthday. First name, Last name, and Email address are required.
4. After entering all desired information, click Create. You have an option to make managers active or inactive. Inactive managers will not have access to the platform.
5.  Managers which have been activated will receive an email with a temporary password.

Creating multiple managers via Template

Dashboard: Overview Admin | Ten5
1. Go to the Managers page.
2. Click on the three dots next to Add.
3. Click on Template Multi Managers to download the upload template.
4. Open the file in Excel or other spreadsheet software and enter managers' information in the cells. Name & email address are required.
5. Once you've entered all the information, save the file and return to the Managers page in the Ten5 Dashboard.
6. In the submenu, click on Bulk Multi Manager to upload the file.
7. Click on Select file and upload your file.
8. Select header row and then click Next.
9. Match column to ensure the data is correctly integrated and then click Next.
10. Check any rows you'd like to discard, or simply click Confirm.
11. Your managers will appear immediately and Ten5 will send a welcome email with a temporary password.

Next steps

  1. If you haven't already, add your drivers to Ten5.
  2. If both managers and drivers have been added, start creating groups.

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