What is Ten5?

What is Ten5?

Ten5 was built under the premise that all people deserve to be noticed and respected. It is a communications platform which leverages the human voice to improve connectivity and culture in trucking fleets. By organizing and prioritizing messaging, we reduce misunderstandings and improve morale and productivity across fleet operations. We believe that drivers' trust can be restored with a guarantee that their concerns are being heard and addressed. We also believe that fleets could tap into the tremendous intellectual resource their drivers represent if it was easier for them to share their ideas using an interactive voice technology like Ten5. 

Key features

Ten5 includes a number of elements to streamline fleet communications:

Driver Accessibility

Drivers can send and receive messages while driving using our handsfree voice activation technology. They simply say "Hey Ten5" to wake up their phone or tablet and say a command to create and send messages or to listen to a message from their dispatcher or someone else in the fleet. Drivers can safely ask questions, report incidents, provide updates from the road, or express concerns without needing to pull over.

Dispatcher Efficiency

Ten5 takes pressure off dispatchers by providing full visibility of incoming and outgoing messages to drivers and allowing them to focus on the most urgent messages first. Multiple drivers can be engaged in conversations with dispatchers at once. This speeds response time and leads to fewer missed communications threads. Dispatchers can also mark conversations as "Resolved" when a driver has the information they need and/or their concern has been addressed. This helps fleets measure how well they are doing at addressing driver concerns and the impact that is having on driver job satisfaction.

Management Connectivity and Visibility

Fleet executives can use Ten5 to connect directly with drivers using our Broadcast and IVEX features. Personalized voice messages can be sent immediately to individual drivers or groups of drivers. Our IVEX technology allows a fleet to create a series of voice messages/podcasts which are automatically sent to specific drivers on specific days. This can be used to improve engagement with new drivers in the first 90 days of employment or to remind drivers of good safety and health practices. In each case, drivers can be invited to respond to the content, giving fleet managers valuable feedback to improve driver relations. Fleet managers also have access to valuable analytics on driver messaging activity, including volume of urgent messages and complaints over time. This allows faster identification of driver concerns and a way to measure how well a fleet is doing in addressing the concerns.

Getting started with Ten5

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